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Passover 2014 marks the debut of 60minute-Seder "Complete Passover Haggadah." However we are no strangers to the Passover scene.

In 2007 we introduced 30minute-Seder, "The Haggadah That Blends Brevity With Tradition". Since then, 30minute-Seder has sold more than 250,000 copies and shows no signs of slowing down. This book hits the mark when it comes to delivering a concise, fun yet reverent Seder. It currently ranks #1 on Amazon.com's best-selling Haggadah list. To learn more about 30minute-Seder please visit our parent website 30minuteSeder.com

The brand 30minute-Seder is a registered trademark with the U.S. patent office. 60minute-Seder is copyrighted and trademarked. Both are published by 30 Minute Seder LLC. Any unauthorized use of our website content, text or images is strictly forbidden unless expressly authorized by 30 Minute Seder LLC.

About the author:
Robert Kopman has a long history of community involvement. He studied Jewish law and history in Jerusalem and is an expert on Passover Seder traditions. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, he currently resides with his wife and children in Arizona.

Author’s note:
It’s challenging to present all fifteen Seder parts in a concise manner while keeping the entire family engaged. Great care was taken to keep the after-dinner prayers brief, yet compelling, because many families don’t come back to the table for the completion of the Seder. 60minute-Seder meets that challenge easily and presents the story of Passover in an entertaining and spiritual way.

30minute-Seder was written for families that want the high points in a brief, yet spiritual format with a minimum of Hebrew. 60minute-Seder has all of that; plus a compelling account of the ten plagues, and just enough Hebrew to satisfy the “maven” in your family.

I’d like to thank co-author and illustrator Bil Yanok, for his talents and many hours of work in creating such a unique and beautiful Haggadah. How he turned my words into such a stunning book and still kept it at an affordable price will forever remain a mystery to me.
- Robert Kopman




We stand by our products 100%. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, we'll give you a complete refund, generally within two business days. Need to know anything else about us? Just ask! Send an email to: info@60minuteseder.com



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