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This page addresses most issues related to downloading PDF's. Please understand that due to the many variations of operating systems, browsers and versions of software used we cannot ensure a 100% success rate. If you have experience downloading PDF's then you'll probably have no problem after reading the tips below that will solve most issues.

Most downloading problems are solved simply by re-booting your computer or trying again at a later time. Always make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed. To download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader (get it here), reboot and try again. It's best that you uninstall your old version of Adobe Reader before installing the new one. This is known as a clean install.

If you can’t get your download to work or simply feel that this process is too daunting, please contact us at for a refund or exchange for printed books. Please be sure to include your name, order number, and whether you'd like a refund or exchange for printed books.

Can't find your download link?
Your download link is located in your email receipt. It appears as a green button that says "Click here to download" If your email does not accept images it will appear as a link without the green button. NOTE: If you see a red "X" instead of a green button you need to allow your email client(Outlook,Gmail etc) to accept images. Usually there is a prompt at the top of your email that asks you if you want images. Click yes. You should then see the green download button.

Can't find your email receipt?
Your receipt will appear in your email. If you donít see it, check your junk or spam email folder.

Canít find your personal password?
When you click on your download link in your receipt, the page that comes up will ask you what version you would like to print. After you select the version, you will see a page that has your personal password.

Where do I enter my password?

After you download your product and choose a version, a pop-up window will appear asking for your password.Once your file has finished downloading, a pop-up screen will appear asking you to type your password. Do not cut & paste. Make sure your CAPS LOCK is off and the entire password is there with no extra spaces before or after it.

I don't see any pop-up window asking for my password?

It may be behind your browser window or another open application. Try moving your browser window or closing other open applications to locate it.

How is the download version different from the printed version?
The print version is 48 full color pages with many beautiful pictures. It looks and feels like a high-style contemporary magazine. To print the 60minute-Seder on your home printer would be cost prohibitive, so we’ve designed a printer-friendly version specifically for our download customers. It’s condensed down to twenty-four ink-saving pages that correspond with the printed version, with exactly the same text. Small icon-size pictures of each printed Haggadah page, along with page numbers, make it easy for all to follow along whether using the printed book or download.

If I buy the download version, can I get it right away?
Yes, as soon as your order is processed online, an email receipt will be sent to you. Click the green “click here to download” button on your receipt and your download will be delivered to your computer.

Will I be able to make changes to the download once I buy it?
The download version comes as a locked pdf. No changes are possible except those allowed by your printer software, such as; size, color, number of pages, etc.

If I buy the download, how many copies can I print?
Buying any of our download products allows you to print as many as you like as long as it's for your own use. Having a Seder? Print a Haggadah for each guest. Using it in the classroom? Print as many as you like for assignments and handouts. Have friends who want one? Tell the shnorrers to go buy their own!

I closed my screen. How can I get back to my download?
If you've closed your download and need to get back to it, find your shopping cart order receipt in your email and re-download your product by clicking on the download link.

How many copies am I allowed to print off the download file?

You may print as many copies as necessary for everyone attending your Seder. Please direct those wanting copies for future Seders to to purchase their own download.

Is the download version in color or black and white?
All downloads are designed to be printed either in color or black and white. Set your printer to the appropriate setting.

What happens if my download is interrupted, will I lose my file?
No, simply click on the link again to restart your download.


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