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General FAQ:

Who publishes the 60minute-Seder?
60minute-Seder is published by 30 Minute Seder LLC, the same people that publish the best-selling 30minute-Seder Haggadah.

Is the 60minute-Seder just the 30minute-Seder plus more stuff?
Not hardly. While the Passover story, essential prayers, and rituals have remained largely unchanged for many years, the manner in which the story is told along with the format of each Seder varies.

30minute-Seder was designed to present the Seder in a condensed format, making sure to touch on the highlights and rabbinically required rituals and prayers. Since most 30minute-Seder participants prefer to end their Seder before dinner is served, it was designed to do just that without leaving out anything crucial.

60minute-Seder was written to be a complete Seder with all fifteen parts included and to return for the conclusion of the Seder after dinner. In addition, it is a more elegant presentation with its color photography, magazine-like format, and larger page size.

Many people find that using 60minute-Seder for their first night Seder and 30minute-Seder for their second night Seder works well. As some have said, “It allows us to perform the Seder mitzvot, without doing the same thing twice two days in a row.”

Do you come back to conclude the Seder after dinner?
Yes, with 60minute-Seder you return to conclude the Seder after dinner in the traditional way. After dinner rituals include the Birkat Hamazon (grace after meals), Hallel (songs of praise), opening the door for Elijah, Miriam’s cup recognition (optional), finding and eating the Afikoman, Counting of the Omer (if 2nd night Seder), and of course, more wine!

Is there much Hebrew?
The essential prayers are presented in Hebrew along with the English and transliterations. The complete Hebrew and English versions of the Birkat Hamazon and Hillel however, are made available to our Haggadah owners in a printer-friendly format downloadable from our website.

Is this an adult Haggadah or a family Haggadah?
This is most definitely a family Haggadah even though it has more of an adult feel than our 30minute-Seder.

It’s so modern-looking. Is it conservative enough for my use?
Who says a Haggadah has to be ugly? This Haggadah is beautiful in a modern way, just like the Haggadot of the past with wood-cut illustrations. 60minute-Seder has been rabbinically approved and should be acceptable to any congregation. Not only that, but it is a complete Haggadah with all fifteen parts, and links to the complete Birkat Hamazon and Hillel psalms to anyone desiring them at their Seder.

What makes it “complete?”
60minute-Seder includes all fifteen parts of the Seder in their proper order, prescribed Seder rituals and prayers, popular Seder songs, Raban Gamliel’s proclamation, and download links to the entire Birkat Hamazon and Hillel psalms in both English and Hebrew. 60minute-Seder has been a joy for us to write in corroboration with one of today’s leading Rabbinical authorities to ensure Halachic (Jewish law) compliance.

I always thought there were only fourteen parts to a Seder. What is the fifteenth part?
Some Haggadot combine the blessings for bread and matzah (Motzi/ Matzah) into one part when in fact, they are two distinct parts. That makes their Haggadah have only fourteen parts where ours has fifteen.

Is it available in Braille?
Of course! It’s available in Braille. Pages are clearly marked to correspond with the print version pages and the text is exactly the same.

What songs are included?
English: Go down Moses(Let my people Go!)/ Who knows one?/ Chad Gadya
Hebrew: Dayenu!/ Eliahu Ha-Navi/ Adir Hu
Plus: Sheet music and other songs/ versions are available here:

Are there clear directions for the Seder leader?
Yes, directions are provided for the leader as well as the participants. Color coded icons let everybody know who, what, and when to say each part. For Seder rituals such as dipping Karpas into salt water, instructions are provided and clearly labeled.

Who is the rabbi that approved it?
Rabbi Koppell is our editor and Halachic authority. See Rabbi Koppell’s bio here

Does it really take 60 minutes?
Who Knows? Most Seder participants are Jewish. We can go on arguing for hours! However, if you do the Seder as presented, ask a few questions, sing a few songs, and don’t count dinner as part of the sixty minutes, it will be very close to sixty minutes.

I noticed another Haggadah titled "Sixty Minute Seder". What is that?
This is where the old phrase, "Beware of imitators" comes to mind. Although we're flattered by copycat versions of our 30 and 60-minute Seder Haggadot, we know you only want the best at your Passover table. As long as you are making your purchase through this website or, you can be assured you are getting the original. Besides, one look at ours is all you'll need to make up your mind!

What denomination was this Haggadah written for?
Whether reform, conservative, or Orthodox; 60minute-Seder should make for a complete, memorable Seder. That said, it is best-suited for the conservative Jewish family or the reform congregant that wants a more complete Seder without pages of Hebrew involved.

Are there any Seder activities or games included?
You can find out who is the “Seder Maven” by taking the fun quiz in the back of the Haggadah. Shh! Don’t tell anybody—the answers are on

What is your return policy?
30 Minute Seder LLC has been in business since 2007 and we have thousands of satisfied customers.
We stand by our products 100%. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your purchase, we'll give you a complete refund, generally within two business days. Need to know anything else about us? Just ask! Send an email to:

What is your privacy policy?
Our privacy policy is very simple. We respect your privacy and will not share any of your personal or business information, including your email address, with anyone unless it's necessary to complete your purchase or refund.



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