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60minute-Seder™ Rabbinically approved...

Extensive research has gone into publishing 60minute-Seder™, including commissioning Rabbi Koppell, a prominent Rabbi in the community, to edit our Haggadah for Halachic (Jewish law) accuracy. While Passover Seder traditions are more difficult to confirm, Rabbi Koppell used her extensive knowledge of Ashkenazy traditions to make sure nothing critical was left out. In other words, 60minute-Seder™ has been rabbinically approved as a complete Haggadah.

About editor Rabbi Bonnie Koppell
A native of Brooklyn, NY, Rabbi Bonnie Koppell has served as the spiritual leader for prominent Arizona synagogues, as chaplain in the US army, and as writer of sermons for fellow rabbis.  She is a 1981 graduate of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in Philadelphia, PA.

Rabbi Koppell’s writings have been published in numerous books and journals. She is a frequent newspaper columnist and a much sought after speaker.

In December of 2008, Rabbi Koppell was invited to offer the opening prayer at the president's meeting with a small group of prominent Jewish leaders, in honor of Chanukah.  Among those in attendance was President Bush, members of white house staff, and her former teacher Dennis Prager, the famous Jewish scholar and radio show host.

One of the first women to be ordained as a rabbi in the United States, Rabbi Koppell is the first female rabbi to serve in the US military, as Colonel in the United States Army.

Describing her role as a military chaplain, Rabbi Koppell stated: “Chaplains are noncombatants - we do not carry weapons, we are not trained to fight. We are there to minister to the religious needs of the troops and, as such, we are an essential part of the military force. No one likes war, no one wants war. No one prays for peace with more fervor than the soldier who stands ready to lay down his or her life for our country.

Yet, I am not a pacifist; I believe that there are times when war is justified. War is always a horrible tragedy, but it is not necessarily immoral. I am proud to consider among my many identities as wife, as mother, as rabbi, as teacher, as friend, yet another - as an American soldier. G-d forbid the need should arise, our Jewish soldiers deserve to have rabbis who are trained and ready to deploy alongside them, to be there to offer all the support they will need. I am proud to be among those who stand ready to go with them.”

Rabbi Bonnie, as the kids like to call her, currently serves as an associate Rabbi to the Temple Chai congregation in Phoenix, AZ.   She is still an active chaplain and recently graduated the Army War College. She is on track to be eligible for the position of General. She is married and the mother of two girls.

Rabbi Koppell has received numerous awards and citations, including:
America’s “Influential Women Rabbi’s” (Forward Magazine 2010)
Legion of Merit (2012)
Mesa, Arizona “Woman of the year” (2004)
Meritorious Service Medal w/2 Oak Leaf Cluster (2012)
Outstanding Volunteer Service (2000)
Honorable Order of Saint Martin, Association of Quartermasters (1999)
Army Commendation Medal (1997)
Army Achievement Medal w/1 Oak Leaf Cluster (1993)
National Defense Service Medal (1992)



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