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We'd really like to know how you feel about the book. Please send an email and tell us your first impressions of our new 60minute-Seder Haggadah. Of course we'll be updating this page as the reviews come pouring in throughout the year.


"I am writing to you from Afghanistan. I am a Rabbi and Chaplain in the United States Army. In addition to providing religious support to all of the Soldiers in my Battalion during our deployment, I am also in charge of running the Jewish program on one of the major bases in Afghanistan.I purchased an online copy of your 30 minute Seder several years ago, and found it very useful and helpful. Now that I am in Afghanistan, I also found half a dozen copies of your actual book in our Jewish supply closet. I will be leading a Seder for all of the Jewish military here and would love to use your book. We have countless other Haggadot that were donated for all of the Jewish military. However, I would rather not use them. They are not as user friendly as yours and there is no transliteration for people who are less familiar with Hebrew, but it is the only thing I currently have available. I am not sure how many people will attend - I am expecting anywhere from 45-65 people (All the Jews come out for Pesach!). After discussing her request further, she has opted to use the 60minute-Seder. We have happily donated enough Haggadot for everyone attending."

CH (CPT) Heather Borshof
330th MCB Chaplain
Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

"...guides you through all 15 parts of the Seder with just enough Hebrew, direction, and thought-provoking insight to guarantee a meaningful Passover experience for everyone.”

Rabbi Bonnie Koppell - editor
First female Rabbi in the U.S. military

Very helpful for first time or visitors to a Seder.
Rabbi John Ludemann

Wonderful, easy to understand and follow.
Dianne G. Cartwright PHD

This book is gorgeous! We should sell lots of these.
Laura S. (Jewish Collection Judaica Shop)

I’ve never seen a Haggadah like this. I can’t wait to use it at my next Seder. I love the pictures and the text is so easy to read.
Debbie K.

It looks a little fancy for me. I’ll think I’ll just stick to my free ones. Sorry.
David W.

“Did you see this? It’s a new Haggadah from those guys who made the 30minute-Seder. It’s stunning! We should sell it in our gift shop.”
Overheard a staff member at synagogue say this to the rabbi

How much are these? I’ll take 15. Can’t wait to use them.
Shelly G.

You guys did a beautiful job on this book. I wish you the best of luck although I doubt you’ll need any. These should get scooped up pretty quick. Are you sure you don’t want to print more?
Mark M. (our printer)





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